Customer feedback loop

Why is customer feedback important?

Customer feedback is one of the most critical aspects of the business. It is essential to understand your customer’s pain points and the solutions they need to accelerate your brand towards success. You can improve your product after knowing what your customers liked or disliked. It helps a lot in improving the product and hence increasing your sales.


How can you collect customer feedback?

There are numerous ways by which you can collect customer’s feedback. Some of the mechanisms are as follows –



To send a follow-up mail after service is a traditional way of collecting feedback. It is an effective way as customers will directly contact you about your service or product.


Social media Polls 

You can use polls on Instagram or other social media asking for what your customers like or dislike. Upgrade your product according to customer needs, thus more customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Direct customer Interview

You can directly interview one or more customers for their critical reviews. You can ask them straightforward questions so that they could tell about the loopholes or good things about your product. It will help you focus on your product modification to increase sales. 


On chat customer service

Chatbots or live customer service on the webpage are becoming very popular these days. They help solve the customer queries on the spot, and if the question is not explained, they could rate the service and send the query through mail or form. It would help in improving the chatbots for future assistance. 


Surveys and forms 

You can use surveys by asking questions about your product or asking customers to fill to a form for their review. It would generate a good amount of data which would help you have a better insight into how nicely you were able to meet customer’s demands.


How to categorize feedback?

You have to categorize the feedback received. Otherwise, it would be challenging for the team to use the data from the massive spreadsheet. The three main ways to organize feedback are under the names: product feedback, customer support feedback, and marketing feedback.


Product feedback 

It is essential to get feedback for your product. It helps in improving the quality of the product. Product feedback can be further divided into sub-parts like major bugs, minor bugs, features that the customer liked most about your product, general improvement feedback, that is, some of the things that customers believe should be added to the product.


Customer Support Feedbacks

These are the feedbacks you receive from the support section of your business. These are easy to categorize according to where they came from: live chat, follow-up emails, or chatbots. It helps to strengthen your customer service.


Marketing feedback 

You can collect customer feedback about your marketing services by asking your customers to rate the service. It can be instrumental in training your marketing team to avoid any mistakes they otherwise did. Thus this would give a straightforward way to solve any marketing hurdles which would come in your company’s way.


Follow up with your customer.

After you have acted upon the feedback, you should follow up with your customer for your service. Most of the customers do not send feedbacks because they think companies don’t care about the feedback. Also, they like a fast response to their feedback. So to make them feel that your business does care about their feedback, you can send them quick, personalized emails to thanks them for their feedback. You can also publish articles based on feedback responses.


The customer feedback loop is essential for your business. It can be a significant upcoming reason for the increase in your sales. It would also help you focus on improving your customer relationships.