What is a Digital Marketing Agency? How could it help you?



What is a Digital Marketing Agency? How could it help you?

We have often heard that the world of marketing has changed, traditional means of marketing have become obsolete. It is failing to reach audiences; with the rise of the internet, marketing is now shifting towards digital marketing, the most effective way to market your business in today’s generation.



What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is the type of marketing in which a company uses electronic devices as the channel for its product to reach potential customers. The medium can be a computer, mobile devices, etc. It is a data-driven and highly targeted form of marketing.

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What is Traditional Marketing?


Traditional marketing is the type of marketing that is not online, and it is one of the oldest marketing techniques. The standard channels used in this marketing are television, billboards, radio, newspapers, cold calls, etc. It is beneficial for local marketing as local brands can use billboards for marketing their products in a specific area.



Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing


The main difference between these two marketing is the channel through which businesses reach the audiences. Traditional marketing uses television, newspapers, billboards, printed media, etc., as a medium for their marketing campaigns. In contrast, digital marketing uses online methods like social media, videos, search engine, etc., to reach audiences on digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Although traditional marketing was the favored approach earlier, but after the rise of online media and people using the internet more and more, it started to decline. Marketers now prefer digital marketing over it. Some of the reasons why the marketing has shifted towards the digital way are-


  • Cost– the traditional marketing methods are often expensive. You are needed to pay a considerable amount of money to feature your brand in some of the famous magazines, for example, Forbes, Vogue, etc., which is a significant setback; on the other hand using digital marketing channels, a company can reach many customers in a cost-efficient way.

  • Interaction with the customer– in traditional marketing, there is no direct interaction with the customer. You are unaware of what the customer thinks about your product or company; for example, you cannot know what the customers liked about your billboard advertisement; on the other hand, in digital marketing, the businesses directly interact with the potential customers. You can understand that the audience wants your product if your posts on social media have many positive comments or have many likes(in a newbie explanation).

  • Measuring campaigns– although there are some ways like brand trackers but there is no accurate method by which you can measure it. In digital marketing, you have several automated tools which are efficient in measuring the movements and thus help in improving your campaigns according to the performance shown by these automated tools.

  • Reach– traditional marketing campaigns can reach a broader audience, but it has certain limitations, the reason why it is becoming obsolete because the world is shifting towards digital media. People prefer OTT and online content more. According to the data portal, nearly 61% of the world population used the internet in July 2021; also, social media platforms witnessed almost 520 million new users between July 2020 and July 2021. This data is enough to show why digital marketing has become the preferred way of marketing as it is easy for marketers to reach broader people as a large number of people surf the internet.


What is a digital marketing agency?


A digital marketing agency is a company that uses modern and online marketing techniques to boost brand awareness and maximize sales. It combines copywriting and graphic design and promotes the company on digital channels.

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What does a digital marketing agency do?


A digital agency has experts for the recent marketing trends, and it uses best practices and practical tools needed for successful digital marketing of your brand or product. Some of the things which a digital agency do are-


  • Drive organic traffic to your website- digital marketing agencies use SEO tactics and content marketing to increase your website’s organic traffic. These agencies know the importance of inbound marketing; thus, they create content according to the customer journey and optimize it for search engines and mainly the readers. They help your website rank higher in the SERP and thus increase the traffic of your website. Most of the traffic comes to the first five positions of the SERP results, thus your website can attract a higher number of people at lower cost with an SEO campaign. Every industry needs a different approach, be it e-commerce SEO,real-estate SEO, or others.

  • Increase Brand Awareness- a digital marketing agency knows well that your customers are online, and thus, you need to make your brand visible to them. They use keyword research so that your website is visible for the keyword for which the customers search. They help in building customer relations. Also, they use customer persona to create brand content and market them differently to social media platforms(SMM).

  • Increases Sales– a digital marketing agency can increase your sales. They make sales and digital marketing funnel and work towards optimizing it. They use inbound marketing strategies which are suitable for the business, develop optimized content, and promote the brand on social media channels through Social Media Marketing, or they also use highly targeted ads according to customer persona, be it on social media (Social Media Advertising) or through paid searches (Search Engine Advertising). They develop intriguing ad copies to attract more people towards the brand and thus possibly convert them into customers.

  • Improve your site- a digital agency also has experienced web developers. These experts help to find problems in your website and rectify them. They can automate the front end of the blog posts to only upload the content and pictures in the backend, and the blog gets formatted automatically; this saves a lot of time. An essential aspect for your site is page speed; according to a report, 65% of the users leave the site if the page does not load within 3 seconds. This becomes a serious concern as it may be the leading cause of low traffic on your website. The experts analyze the page speed and do the necessary changes to increase the page speed if needed. 


Types of digital marketing channels


Digital marketing can be of various types. It can be both paid and organic. Some of the digital marketing techniques are:-

  • Content marketing– Content marketing is related to content strategy, creation and distribution. Content marketers create blogs, content for the website and then market it on various channels. The main aim for this is to attract leads, which you can convert into customers.

  • SEO– Search Engine Optimization is related to making the website more visible to the people by ranking the website high concerning targeted keywords. Ranking high is very important as users search their query, and if your website ranks high on the SERP, then the possibility of converting the leads into customers becomes high as more traffic will come to your website. SEO also has types like on-page and off-page SEO.

  • SMM-Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your website, products on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc.; this includes creating posts and sharing them on social media often. It helps in direct conversation with the customer and thus helps in building customer relations. Social media has a massive number of users, and it is beneficial for increasing brand awareness; also, the users can be the potential customers; thus, social media marketing can help increase sales,

  • SMA– Social Media Advertising is the paid form of social media marketing. In this, you can reach your target audience by showing them your post in the form of ad copy that you paid.

  • PPC– Pay Per Click, also known as paid searches, are the paid text ad that shows up when a user searches for a query in google, bing, or other search engines.

  • Email marketing– this is the type of marketing that uses email as a channel to promote your business. This can be helpful in directly reaching customers for lead generation. It can also help in making a loyal customer base, and you can thank your customers for their purchase, send them emails about your products, write compelling headings to drive more customers, and increase sales. Email personalization can be a very useful tool. There are many tools like Mail Chimp, snov.io, etc. which make easy to send bulk emails to your customer base, and they also include email templates for the various occasion also they have several features for personalization. Mail Chimp also has a drag and drop builder to make the task of creating eye-catching emails easy.


Types of Digital marketing agency


We can be categorized digital marketing agencies according to the service they provide.

Some of the types of digital agencies are as follows:-


SEO Agency:


An agency that provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as their primary service and helps client’s websites to rank high on search results. These agencies use various tools like Ahref, Moz, google keyword planner, etc., to plan their strategy for the client’s website. They perform multiple tasks like keyword research, link building, content, website audit, etc. These agencies use content creation to target particular keywords. They also use outbound marketing tactics like emails to help their clients with link building.


Web design agency:


these agencies help their client to build their website. They also offer image designs for the website, logo design; they focus on enhancing the UX of the clients’ website. They look for page speed and other technical aspects. They help their client to automate blog pages. The developers can help their client create schema markup for their website to submit it to Google or other search engines.


Social media agency:


Social media agencies help their clients in establishing and maintaining a social media presence. These agencies can manage content, create ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and manage the production of that content. They can also provide services such as responding to customer messages on social media platforms. They might also offer influencer outreach to promote cross-promotion and affiliate marketing.


Advertising agency


Paid search(Pay Per Click) is another way to drive traffic to a website. Paid traffic is different from organic traffic. It involves spending money to place ads on search results and bid on keywords. Advertisers can place digital ads on websites, search results pages (SERPs), or social media channels. Digital advertising agencies are skilled in creating attention-grabbing, keyword-rich advertisements that adhere to the best practices for the platforms on which they appear. You can use the following services: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad creation and delivery, as well as Google Ads Manager account maintenance and innovation.


Inbound marketing agency:


These agencies focus on how people will find about their business. They offer inbound tactics like content creation and content marketing to increase brand awareness of the clients’ website, thus building trust and increasing the opportunity to generate more sales. These agencies usually have to partner with the client for a more extended period as inbound marketing is a slow process. It takes time to show some results. The average time for which these agencies partner can range from 3months to 1 year.


Full-service digital agencies


These agencies offer a variety of digital marketing services. They have experienced members who can boost their client’s project through various marketing tactics suitable for their business. Many businesses partner with these agencies as they are more cost-efficient than hiring new staff. We are known as the leading New York City SEO agency.


How FinEndorse helps a brand to grow?

FinEndorse- SEO Agency


We are a digital agency with expertise in content marketing and SEO. We create high-quality content for our clients with a focus on customer persona. We create different content for different stages of the customer journey. All our contents are SEO optimized; we have helped or clients to rank their content for the keyword they targeted for. We also helped our client to get 100k+ organic views on Linkedin through our marketing formula. 

Our proven formula comprises the following ingredients, Branding Strategy, Keyword Research, Long-form valuable content, Local Citation, Guest Blogging, Outreach Marketing, Link-building with infographics, On-page SEO, Constant Reporting on the updates. Thus we are always excited to work with the brand and help them to grow at an unprecedented rate.