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Our latest project was handling SEO and content marketing campaign for CodeDesign

Project - CodeDesign SEO and content marketing campaign.

CodeDesign is a marketing company based in Portugal. Their biggest concern was low traffic, low domain authority, and failing to secure positions in the first page of Google SERP for their high priority keywords. 


Here are the results:

Traffic Increase - 310%

We helped our client CodeDesign increase their traffic by 310% with our dedicated content marketing and SEO campaigns. Our entire focus was to connect the brand with their potential customers mainly in Portugal, USA, and the United Kingdom.

New Visitors Monthly- 85%

Our client CodeDesign wanted to expose their brand to the new realms of the market. Hence, we crafted the SEO and content marketing campaign that allowed us to get to the first position of the Google SERP for a number of trending keywords.

First page ranking for the high priority keywords

We always craft custom campaigns and we know how important is the first page of Google SERP for your high priority keywords. We helped our client with a 100% performance by helping them reach first page of Google SERP for all their high priority keywords.


What does our client feel about us?

This is what the CEO feels about us

Tio Tanaka
    Tio Tanaka

    CEO, CodeDesign

    FinEndorse is one of the finest SEO teams we have ever partnered with. They are a passionate team who well understands how to create custom strategies and campaigns to get you the desired results.

    Live Results

    Here are the live rankings of some of the keywords that we have successfully taken to the first page.

    Keyword: Voice Search Optimization

    We have successfully acquired the position zero for the keyword voice search optimization.

    Amazon listing optimization

    Keyword: Amazon listing optimization

    We have the first position in the organic results for the keyword Amazon listing optimization.

    Voice marketing funnel

    Position 1 for the keyword voice marketing funnel that was a part of the content marketing campaign.

    Digital Marketing Funnel

    We have been ranking at the first position for the highly competitive keyword digital marketing funnel

    Digital marketing agency

    In the Lisbon, Portugal area, we are ranking at position 2 for the keyword “Digital Agency.”

    As the algorithm prefers to show results based on location for some service based keywords, the ranking is localized to a country.

    Domain rating

    Keyword: Domain rating

    Successfully acquired position third for the keyword domain rating

    Digital marketing agency

    Keyword: Digital marketing agency

    Again in the country Portugal, we rank at second position for the keyword “Digital Marketing Agency.”

    Marketing agency(Local result)

    Keyword: Marketing Agency(Local Result)

    Google SERP dedicates a significant amount of real estate to the local results. And, we have successfully acquired the first position in Portugal for the keyword “Marketing Agency” 

    PPC campaign strategy

    Keyword: PPC Campaign Strategy

    Our 6000 words article on the topic “PPC Campaign Strategy” ranks on the third position.

    Marketing agency

    Keyword: Marketing agency

    Along with the local results, we also rank in the organic results at the third position that brings maximum credibility and authority.

    The projects that we have worked on

    Project - "Music Video Hype" SEO, Authority and Content Marketing

    MusicVideoHype is a music marketing company based in Finland. In the music industry, due to high competition, one must have a good domain authority and backlink portfolio. Here is how we helped them achieve their objective.

    Domain Authority - 65

    Our dedicated strategies have helped our client MusicVideoHype gain a massive domain authority rating of 65. It is a massive number from the SEO perspective.

    Backlink Portfolio - 19,871

    We ran a number of dedicated backlink strategies and campaigns to get them links from the credible and relevant sources. Today, we are proud to say that we have successfully helped MusicVideoHype improve their backlink portfolio exponentially.

    Content Marketing Strategy

    MusicVideoHype needed a robust content marketing campaign that would allow them to connect with their target audience, who were musicians in this case. We explored the trends, industry, competition, and talked directly with the musicians and crafted the campaign.


    What does our client feel about us?

    Here is what the CEO of MusicVideoHype has to say about us.


      CEO, Music Video Hype

      FinEndorse has a great team and have helped our brand reach the right audience. We have experienced a significant increase in traffic and leads; and we are ranking for some of our very important keywords.

      Content Marketing Efforts for MusicVideoHype

      We handled the entire content marketing campaign

      We took care of the content marketing campaign for our client, and created content based on their requirement weekly.

      How can artists use NFT?

      How can artists use NFT?

      As NFTs were the trending topics since the mid 2021, we decided to write on thus trending topic ti connect with the progressive keywords.

      Facebook Advertising

      Facebook Advertising: A complete guide for musicians

      As per the industry trends, we found that a lot of musicians wanted to invest in Facebook ads to sell their tickets and merchandise, hence we created this complete guide.

      Crowdfunding for musicians

      Crowdfunding for musicians- How to succeed in crowdfunding as a musician?

      Many early stage musicians(ideal target audience for the client) try to raise money with crowdfunding to work on their art and promote it.

      Music Video Marketing

      Music Video Marketing

      “Music Video Marketing” was the most important keyword for the client. We created a detailed content based on research and data; and we finally acquired the first page of SERP as well.

      Go to market strategy for musicians

      Go to market strategy for musicians

      The entire content marketing campaign was aimed at nurturing the top of the funnel leads with informational guides to improve ranking and credibility.

      Music Video Alternative

      Music Video Alternative

      As the client’s target audience is the early stage musicians, we crafted content to help these artists with cheaper options.

      Music Video Marketing

      Our client promotes the music videos on their platform; hence this keyword was a high priority to them. We successfully helped them achieve this goal as well.

      Hype music videos

      Hype Music Videos

      In an informal tone in Finland, hype the music videos equate to promoting them and making them go viral.

      Our team members have also worked with the following:

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