Product fit & right audience


Creating a product that solves people’s pain points is critical in achieving a market product fit. It would be best to analyze whether you have people who would buy your product or service. Make sure that your product solves the pain points of your targeted customer. In the long run, having products that satisfy the needs of people is vital to create loyalty and retention. Keep your customer in the centre of everything and promote your business with a clear idea about the customer persona.


Determine your ideal customer

Who needs your services? Which is the ideal market you should invest time in? Who are your segmented customers to market? 

Knowing who you are providing your services gives a superior edge of promoting to a highly targeted group. Researching about the market before you enter helps you analyze a lot about your customers. Also, running online polls can help you create a primary target persona. It’s the ultimate practice to promote your products only to your target customer as it saves time and money and gives you quick results.


Have a clear vision of customer’s need

Products that solve customers’ needs are the ones to disrupt the market and bring revolutions by impacting a mass of people. Always focus on your customer’s problems and try to solve them using your product. Try to make your products better than your competitors and promote your products with an eye on customer persona and customer journey.


Define your value proposition

As you have created your product, make sure to list out the features your product provides. How can your customers be benefited from the help of your product? Define what your product offers, be it better designing or better packaging or new services or excellent discounts. Always keep an eye on the competition and try to be better than them. This edge would ensure that your customers don’t look for an alternative.


Define the minimum viable product feature set as a startup

Keep your product very specific to your customer needs. Define clearly the exact features your product provides. Create a shortlist of your services and try to get customers to review them.


Get your customer feedback.

Getting your customer feedback is essential. Run social media polls for knowing what your customer thinks about your product. Connect with your customer on different social channels and get to know their reviews.


We at Finendorse help our customers make their product fit the market requirement and create a perfect customer persona, which will allow marketing to the right people on the proper budget.