SAAS SEO: A comprehensive guide in 2022

Priya Shah- FinEndorse


SAAS SEO: A comprehensive guide in 2022

A Comprehensive Guide on SEO for Software as a service companies



Software as a Service (SaaS) is a thriving business model. It’s both B2B and B2C business models that digitally deliver software solutions to fit clients’ personal and professional needs. SaaS B2B software examples are CRM tools, analytics software, and customer support platforms. Whereas SaaS B2C software examples are word processing software, photo and video editing software, and social media sites. For that reason, the SaaS market has been exponentially growing for over a decade.



A flourishing market, though, means a more competitive sector. With thousands of software companies out there, you need to stay updated and proactive to succeed as a SaaS business. A strong SaaS SEO strategy can be your go-to action plan to succeed in your marketplace. 



SaaS SEO is the strategy of boosting the organic traffic for a SaaS (Software as a Service) company’s website by acquiring top rankings on the SERPs for a list of relevant keywords.



The fundamental element of succeeding in the SaaS sector is getting customer acquisition right. That means creating successful customer acquisition and marketing strategies that boost lead generation and conversion rates. 



Mostly, SaaS businesses shift to performance marketing (PPC, social ads, affiliate marketing, etc.) to rapidly increase new customer acquisition. However, many quickly realize that the costs in doing so are growing with time and that depending only on the paid acquisition can bring disadvantages.



When you stop PPC campaigns, the monthly traffic drops. 



That’s why it’s vital to have a powerful SaaS SEO strategy. SEO can drive constant traffic and exponential organic growth comparatively at a low price. Many SaaS businesses are now investing in SEO to drive more organic traffic, keeping the acquisition cost sustainable.



What is the importance of SEO for SaaS businesses?



SEO is a game-changer for all SaaS businesses. It’s all about ranking your website and its content higher on the search engine result page. The higher your website ranks, the more increased organic traffic you get. 



Let’s see how SEO can be a proven strategy for SaaS:



  • SEO is pretty much predictable and helps to enhance the company’s growth. Content is king in the SaaS business. Valuable and informational content can help your website grow exponentially. 



Unlike PPC campaigns, SEO does take some time, but with proper analytics and experience by your side, you can predict the outcomes of your SEO measures. The more valuable and informational content you post, the more organic traffic can be seen. Successful SaaS companies like Hubspot, Semrush, Mailchimp and others use the same tactic to attract their targeted customers.



  • SEO can help to reduce acquisition costs. Acquiring customers via pay per click is quite costly as you have to pay for every click to your website. This results in a high cost per acquisition charge and low return on investment, which is disadvantageous. 



On the other hand, SEO is cost-effective. It requires ongoing investment to achieve the desired results, but it doesn’t increase with every click.



  • SEO helps in improving relationships with customers. Every business, including SaaS, aims to make the user experience smooth. Technical SEO focuses on improving users’ experience on the website. If your website has valuable content and is easy to navigate, you have a higher potential of converting your targeted audience. 



Types of searches performed by searchers according to Sales Funnel:



Apart from relevant keywords and the types of searches performed, it’s also crucial to understand the searchers’ intent and problems. It’s essential to know your target personas, what kinds of issues they face, and how your software can help them overcome them.

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Let’s discuss the types of searches performed by searchers:



  1. Top of the Funnel: In this type of search, the searcher is probably looking for solutions to their problems. Valuable blog content, Ebook, whitepapers, etc., can be an excellent strategy to attract the targeted customers. 

  1. Middle of the Funnel: In this type of search query, the searcher knows that a solution exists to their problem. In this stage, they are surfing the internet to learn more about the types of solutions available. Typically, in this scenario, content like powerful landing pages product pages can steal the visibility and attract customers. 

  1. Bottom of the Funnel: Here, in this case, the searcher has a problem and knows that software like yours can help them but is comparing the similar software present all around the web. Your website should rank for content like your softwares’ pricing, reviews, your software vs your competitors’ software, etc. 



8 Steps to Successful SaaS SEO Strategy:




  1. Set Goals and KPIs



Setting goals and KPIs is the fundamental step of any SEO strategy. Having a clear plan to achieve the motive of the company is crucial. The KPIs help keep a record of the company’s progress based on the goal set. Check these search engine marketing agencies.



For a growing SaaS company, monitoring metrics like MRR(monthly recurring revenue), SQLs(sales qualified lead), MQLs (marketing qualified lead), CAC(customer acquisition cost), etc., can be a clever technique to record the company’s growth. 




  1. Create Customer Persona



To drive organic traffic to the website, it’s vital to know your targeted customer. Remember, you are not marketing to everyone out there. A clear customer persona helps to drive better results from the marketing efforts invested. Building a picture of someone interested in buying your product creates a customer persona. 



Also, knowing the needs and problems faced by your targeted persona is crucial. Your product should be presented as it is the only solution to your customers’ problems.




  1. Conduct In-depth Keyword research



It’s crucial to plan a solid content strategy. For creating a content strategy, you need to have a broad list of relevant keywords your targeted persona often searches for. Your list of keywords must go hand in hand with your sales funnel. Remember your goal is to push your prospects down in the sales funnel.



Start by identifying the problems your customer persona face and how your software can help them. Don’t just limit yourself to specific topics, instead provide informational content around your niche on your website. This helps to build your company’s credibility in front of the customers. 




  1. Strictly focus on ON- PAGE and Technical SEO.



It’s equally important to follow the best ON-Page SEO practices apart from a solid SEO strategy. The best practices include optimizing the title tag, meta description, and sparingly putting your keywords in your article.



Also, your website needs to be free from technical issues. If the experience of your prospects on your website is terrible, there is the slightest chance of them getting converted. Instead, they will bounce back from your website, for which google penalizes the website.




  1. Perform Link Building



Link Building is a crucial step to building a website’s credibility. Google finds a site trustworthy if they are linked to high authority domains. The best way for a SaaS business to build links is to post valuable content on the website to which other websites would love to link. Perform outreach to improve your link building efforts.



Perform in-depth competitor analysis and find out with whom your competitors are linking. Approach those website owners and ask them to connect with you, read your resources, and link back to them. 




  1. Keep an eye on your competitors.



There’s a phrase that says, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” 


To truly drive success to your SEO strategy, conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors. You must know their SEO strategy and its approach. 


Not only about your direct competitors selling the same software as yours but also your indirect competitors whose software are fundamentally different but solve the same problems.


In the SaaS market, it is crucial to know the strategy of your competitors to stay ahead of them. 




  1. Post informational Content on your website in the form of blogs, whitepapers, webinars, etc. 



Informational content in the form of blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, and webinars can be your true friend to attract your targeted prospects. People love to find answers to their queries, and if your website ranks higher on SERPs, there is a massive chance of catching the prospect’s attention. Also, valuable content places you as a credible source in front of your prospects. 



For example, Hubspot, a SaaS company providing CRM software, 99% ranks for informational keywords other than the keywords based on their software. This strategy has established them as a trustful source in the mind of their audience. 




  1. Promote the content to earn backlinks



The best way to earn backlinks for a SaaS business is link building, digital PR, guest posting, etc. You can approach sources like HARO and Source Bottle, to earn backlinks. Backlinks from high domain authority websites help the website rank better on SERPs.




In Summary



For a SaaS company, boosting online organic traffic is essential to drive success. The more people you can bring awareness of your brand and products, the better. A powerful SEO strategy is a foundation on which you can build that success. Get your SEO right, and your other acquisition measures will also enhance. Getting SaaS SEO right takes a bit long span, effort, and investment but is totally worth it.

Priya Shah- FinEndorse

Priya Shah is an industry leading content writer and an SEO expert. She has worked with a number of well-renowned brands and has a proven track of success.