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SEO Agency: How to find the best one? | FinEndorse

An SEO agency could help lift your brand visibility with their advanced tactics and experience. Today, the world is digitalized. More and more businesses are shifting online. Pandemic has changed the way people approach businesses. 97% of people know more about a business from search engines. Thus, it becomes crucial for you to be visible to your target audience when they are stuck in a problem or need your product or service.


In such a situation, if your business is not ranking on the first page of Google, there is a chance of you losing sales and customers.


You might know about SEO. But, you don’t know how to implement it on your site to rank on Google or don’t have enough time to spend on this part of marketing. So, here comes an SEO agency. SEO agency provides you website optimization services and helps you improve search engine ranking.Search engine optimization makes your site visible in search engine results by using best web, content and SEO marketing practices.


We are the leading New York City SEO Agency.



SIX tips to improve SEO:



  • Focus on On-page, technical SEO, content strategy and marketing to improve website health
  • Create valuable content focused on customer persona to maximize ROI
  • Focus on backlinks as they still count and (Quality>Quantity)
  • Local Citations still matters in website visibility.
  • Place Hero, Hub, and Hygiene content to get maximum touchpoint to communicate with prospects.
  • Perform Keyword Research and personalize your strategy based on your industry



What does an SEO Agency do?



On-Page SEO:


On-Page SEO, also known as On-Site SEO, refers to optimizing web pages to rank higher on google. It typically includes optimizing the

-Heading tag

-Meta description

-URL structure


-Image optimization

-Schema Markup,

-Content on the page.


The heading is the first impression your visitors get to have. It needs to be exciting and optimized so that it helps grab the attention of users to increase CTR(click-through rate) of the website.


Although meta description doesn’t play a direct role in website ranking, it helps increase organic visibility by persuading the readers to click on the link.


URL structure helps users to understand website navigation. Also, search engine bots love user-friendly URL structure.


Interlinking web pages helps search engine bots to discover newly added pages on a website.



Off-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO refers to link-building. Google has its hundreds of factors while ranking pages on SERP. We can’t earn top position for our website by only posting the best content, with no authority passing from other websites.


Link-building has been one of the most prominent factors. Acquiring backlinks from high authority sites could help improve the ranking considerably. Guest blogs, content marketing, social media marketing, acquiring customer reviews, are all part of a good SEO strategy. XML sitemap is an important part of e-commerce SEO.


Customer reviews can help a lot in improving website ranking in local results and building credibility as customers connect much more with customer reviews.


Social media marketing can help a lot in building a brand. Social media could get you direct traffic and build brand awareness. Social promotion and retargeting could be a great add-on for real estate SEO.



Technical SEO



It refers to the site-architecture optimization, which could help web crawlers crawl the site more effectively and improve discoverability.


It includes structuring website data, submitting XML maps, 301 redirect, page-load speed, mobile responsiveness, etc.


Website data needs to be structured as it helps web crawlers in indexing data.


Submission of XML maps help in indexation.


Web page 301 redirects ensure that Google Search Engine and people are directed to the correct page.


Page-load speed directly links to user experience on the website. If a website takes too long to load, it leaves a wrong impression on the user, and the user tends to leave the site. It increases bounce rate, which affects website ranking.


Mobile responsiveness is one of the critical focuses which should be kept in mind while building a website. A big chunk of users use mobile for searching their queries.



Local SEO


Local SEO is very helpful for local stores or companies with regional offices. In Google Search, we find Google Map direction for a local store. It can increase a company’s visibility in its local area.






One of the main things SEO agencies do is searching the right keywords. Performing keyword research can help websites rank for queries that are in demand. There are fantastic SEO tools out there to perform keyword research.


A few of them are:

  • Ahrefs



Competitor Analysis:



Performing competitor analysis is vital. It helps companies to understand the tactics used by their competition in the market. It can help in outperforming competitors. Here is a guide on how to write a blog post.


It mainly includes backlink analysis and keyword research. Performing backlink analysis helps to know about the sites that are linking to the competition. Look for keywords they are ranking and their way of promoting content.


There are tools for performing competitor analysis too.

Few of them are:

  • MOZ






One of the principal factors in SEO is creating right type of content. Focus on posting valuable content on the website.


Focus on long-form content, which is enough to solve the entire user query.



What are the services provided by an SEO Agency?



The services provided by an SEO agency involves optimization of of the website in every single aspect.


An SEO agency is responsible for website performance in SERP. It is responsible for ranking a website higher on SERP using their knowledge, experience, and work, for the right set of keywords.


Let us dive in to understand “what are the services they provide?”



1. Website Analysis:


SEO Agency starts by first analyzing the company’s website. They look for the technical aspects of the website and plan changes to improve the technical SEO of the website. Did you know that all the back links are not equal and useful for your website? Some of the backlinks from spamming websites only hurt your growth, thus an SEO agency disavow the unwanted links.



2. Develop SEO strategy:



After analyzing the website and preparing a site audit, the next step for the agency will be to plan an SEO strategy that aligns with the long-term goals of the business.


They will develop the strategy according to the business niche and their stage.


Most new companies struggle for brand awareness, while the established ones want to increase its customer base. And there would be some facing huge trouble in the market because of competitors. An SEO strategy needs to be custom-made for each of these companies.


A good SEO agency will discuss your objectives mentioned above and plan the strategy according to customer persona and business requirements and goals.



3. Setting up SEO tools:


There are a variety of tools available in the market to evaluate SEO results. An SEO Agency uses the best tools to help monitor SEO campaigns result.


They set up an analytics dashboard to analyze website visitors from different platforms. They use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz etc. To do keyword research, look for competitor tactics that help them rank higher on SERP.


We, FinEndorse, would also set up your business account on Google My Business and other local directories to improve the visibility in local searches.



4. Execution Stage:



After analyzing the website, planning strategy and setting up tools, the next step will be to start working on a plan to achieve desired outcomes.


The agency will first of all start with ON-Page optimization, that is:


  • Improving the optimization of the most important pages of the website,
  • Perform keyword research,
  • Look for broken links within the website pages,
  • Optimize the entire blog section.



They will also look for OFF-Page optimization, build a strategy to gain backlinks from high domain authority sites, and look for guest blogs.



Another thing that they will look for is Technical SEO, that is, make website devices responsive, submit XML site structure to search engines to help web crawlers crawl newly added pages.



5. Provide SEO reports:



A good SEO Agency will provide an entire SEO report of the effort and investment to increase website ranking.


They will explain the SEO reports to the business owner in simple, plain terms as not everyone understands everything technical about SEO.



What are the Benefits of working with an SEO AGENCY?



There are a lot of benefits to working with an SEO agency. They provide measurable results, perform keyword research and competitor analysis and help the website improve its SERPs rank.


Let us dive in to understand it in detail:



1. Search engine ranking:


One of the main focus is the keywords for website ranking. Keyword research can help a website rank for the most relevant keywords that could generate sales.


SEO agencies use different tools to find the right keyword and plan content accordingly to rank and increase organic visitors.


They perform the best ON-Page optimization: links pages within the website, search for broken links and correct them; they design the best user-friendly URL that helps users understand the website navigation.


The higher the web content ranks for different keywords and phrases, the higher is the chance of increasing relevant monthly organic visitors.



2. Link building:



One of the main factors of website ranking on SERPs is the quality of sites linking back to the website.

SEO agency improves the quality of backlinks a website gets. It is essential to get backlinks from high domain authority websites because it, in return, increases the authority of your website.

To get backlinks, they perform guest blogging and answer press releases such as HARO, SOURCE BOTTLE, NANO PR, etc.



3. Measurable results:



One of the best things about SEO agencies is that they provide measurable results for SEO campaigns.

All business owners don’t need to understand digital marketing terms. So, SEO agencies break down all those harsh terms into plain words to explain to business owner or the other relevant figure.

They provide analytics reports to help you understand the return on investment better.



How to find the right SEO AGENCY?



– Level of understanding of the team and strategies for your business


It is crucial to hire an experienced SEO agency. SEO agency must fulfil the company’s requirements, understand long-term goals, and plan strategies to get the desired results.



-Are they taking the proper steps for your business?


Understand whether the hired SEO agency is taking the proper steps or not. Are they taking the right steps?

The main thing is to analyze the current business situation and requirements and make changes accordingly to increase website rank on SERP.



-Do they understand your customer persona?


Understanding targeted customers is vital for the agency to market only to the right prospects and bring relevant traffic to the website.

It is vital to understand the customer journey too.



-SEO takes time, like six months to a year. Have patience with your agency.


SEO is a long-term investment, and it needs patience.

Also, SEO is relatively cost-effective in comparison to PPC. But, it needs patience.



-The right company should be eagerly suggesting to you the areas of improvement.


The right SEO agency constantly shows the areas of improvement to the company. They keep track of the SEO reports generated from SEO campaigns and improve the site constantly.

They explain the SEO reports to the business owner in simple terms and solve their queries.



-Do they have experienced and qualified writers to take content marketing and SEO simultaneously?


One of the main thing of SEO is content marketing. Blogs, whitepapers, E-books, Articles, Press releases, News, etc. these areas require experienced writers who can write in the company’s brand voice to attract visitors and engage them with the content.

It is vital to know whether the hired SEO agency has experienced writers with them or not.




What is the method used by FinEndorse? 



-Analyze the present state and competition:


At FinEndorse, we analyze the website, understand the current position, and then prepare an SEO audit report.



-Strategize and execute the steps to establish your website as an authority:


We plan our strategy according to the website audit report. We look for areas of improvement and constantly make changes according to SEO updates brought by Google.



-Measure how the campaign performs:


We use Google Analytics to measure our SEO campaigns to increase website traffic and ranking. We bring backlinks from high authority sites to improve the website domain authority.



-Report and adjust the optimization strategies to continue to get the best returns:


We constantly make reports on our SEO campaigns and report them to business owners to make our strategy clear to them and how fruitful it is.



Why should you be working with FinEndorse – the SEO Agency? 


FinEndorse-Top SEO Agency



  • Experienced and dedicated professionals.
  • We are continually improving to implement the best practices consistently
  • We put a massive focus on content marketing and competitive analysis.
  • We breathe SEO
  • We provide you with a free SEO audit report specially created by our professionals; fill out the CONTACT US Page form.



What does it feel to work with us- the leading SEO agency?



You will be happily chilling with the results, while we work to uplift your brand.

-Even before the contract, we suggest you all the areas of improvement.

-Reporting regularly about the steps taken

-You would see a dedicated workflow.

-We always try to over deliver as we see our success in the client-website’s growth.






In conclusion, let us talk about what you should look for in an SEO Agency:


Look for their past success, have they helped companies ranked for the first page on google?


How authoritative is their website?


Look for their client testimonials, like what their previous clients say about them.


What type of businesses have they worked on previously?


See whether they offer customized services as per your business requirements and needs.


Every business is different; their niche is different, their style, the brand tone is different. Look for the SEO agency that fulfils all types of these categories.


Do they provide In-house services? That is, many agencies hire people from outside to handle their client’s websites. Hire those SEO agencies who have their experienced team to work for your business.


Lastly, look at whether they are proactive or not. Google brings thousands of changes per year to SEO. The SEO agency must be proactive with every update brought in the SEO niche.

Muskan Verma

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