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SEO is not an expanse but an investment to your growth, competitive advantage, and building relationships with your customers.

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Website Analysis

The first step towards any successful SEO strategy is analyzing the website’s present state. It would include everything from website audit to listing out the errors.

Keyword Research

Keywords are a crucial part of any SEO strategy. Depending on your goal, we would carry out a keyword research process to get you the most suited and qualified traffic ready to your business.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization includes making relevant changes on the existing website to let Google better understand the objective of the page and push it up in the SERP results.

Backlink Strategy


We craft a backlink strategy to get you rank up the authority scale and improve the overall link juice for your business.

Competitive Analysis

We always keep an eye on the competition to get their qualified traffic shift to your business. In SEO, it is always better to look at the competitor’s strategy and beat them in their own damn game!

Content Marketing

A rookie SEO strategy is the one in which you only target the bottom of the funnel customers who might already be influenced by your competition’s content strategy. Hence, we ensure that with our content marketing approach, we have a grasp on the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel customers.

Local SEO

We would also help you boost your local rankings for your industry related keywords. We would also take care of your Google My Business(GMB) and Bing Local.

Directory Submission & Press Release

Directory submission and press releases are an important aspect of building credibility and boosting your authority in your niche.

Reporting and Analytics

We would provide you with monthly reporting and analytics of all the steps taken, and what were the improvements in your rankings and other KPIs.

At FinEndorse, every single member is committed and passionate about helping our entrepreneur partners succeed. It is our lifetime goal. If we take a project, we would take all the steps possible to make the project a success.

Harsh Verma, Founder & CEO - FinEndorse

What we can do for you

Other areas in the digital marketing that we help our clients with:

FinEndorse aspires to help a startup grow through all dimensions of digital marketing. We create the ultimate marketing funnel to see results in the shortest of time span.

Content Strategy

A good content strategy should have a KPI and an ongoing process of transforming business objectives and goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of achieving those goals.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO could help you create brand awareness and build a strong relationship with the customer, giving you a solid edge over your competition. FinEndorse could help make a strong fundamental of SEO that would bring consistent quality traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

With SEM, FinEndorse aims to promote visibility and improve the conversions of the client’s websites using paid search (Pay-per-click) and contextual advertising.

Social Media Marketing

With the help of social media, FinEndorse aims to connect you with your audience to build brand awareness and visibility, increase sales, and drive website traffic.


Branding is essential so that you could distinguish yourself from the competition. Also, branding allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing tends to have an excellent return on investment, and it is the preferred communication channel between brands and buyers.

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Dynamic campaigns based on customer journey

We help startups create campaigns that are based on research and analytics over the customer journey to understand the different tocuhpoints and their impact on the business.


Branding is the differentiating factor that helps consumers have a memorable impact. Branding is the nuanced art of actively shaping your brand.


Customer Feedback Loop.

As a startup, it is highly crucial to continuously get user feedbacks to understand more about the customer needs.

Customer feedback is the final truth. And the most unhappy customers are the ultimate source of learning for a startup.

(LTV:CAC) optimization

Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition ratio helps to understand the relationship between the lifetime profit from a customer to the cost of acquiring an individual. For any startup the ratio should always be greater than one.

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A marketing plan is the living blueprint of a startup. We at Finendorse first design the marketing objective and then set the marketing plan. Lastly, we determine and schedule the steps necessary to achieve those objectives through product planning, designing, and advertisements.


Execution of ideas plays a vital role in business. A business not only needs to be innovative, but it also needs to be optimized digitally. Finendorse helps companies to execute their ideas properly by optimizing their content digitally to achieve their marketing objectives.


Once you complete the planning and execution of ideas, the next very important is to analyze the data you get after execution. After monitoring data, you get an idea about how much you are needed to change your plan to achieve your objectives. Finendorse from the start monitors the company’s digital data and brings the best ideas to achieve marketing objectives.


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A start-up is a young company in which entrepreneurs develop a unique product that can solve an existing problem and thus building a scalable business model.A start-up has namely four stages. They are the idea stage, MVP stage, investment stage, and settled stage. Each step has its requirements which the start-up should follow to become a successful start-up.


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Product Fit & Right Audience

Having a product that fits the market and the fact that customers need it is essential for a business. It’s important to know whether you have people who would buy from you or use the service provided by you. Also, having a clear vision of who your customers are is very necessary.


Branding strategy is an ongoing process of developing a brand with pre-set goals that define the company. A well-planned brand strategy helps to establish the company in the market. It’s essential to know why you are planning to launch a brand in the market or the need for your product. Having a solid, well-defined strategy for your brand helps to overcome all such queries.

Aggressive Marketing with an eye on profitability

Aggressive marketing is a strategy to communicate and actively pursue the potential customer to engage with your business directly. You can use this strategy to grab the attention of someone to your offer and make them your customers. New business does not have the advantage like big firms. They cannot wait for customers to come to them. Using aggressive marketing techniques is the only viable step for the new business to help their product reach potential customers

We help our clients to set their business digitally and innovatively use digital media to promote their product and have a deeper understanding of their targeted customer and their behavior. We help them schedule steps to achieve marketing objectives and build a solid brand-customer relationship. We closely monitor the results of the data we get from promoting the brand. Following are the steps to harness the power of digital media.